about us

Your hosts Deb and Daryl Conner
Deb and Daryl ~ owners
Gather Food & Beverage owners Deborah and Daryl Conner lead a talented team committed to locally & organically sourced food, while featuring unique and ethnically inspired menus.

Daryl is Executive Director/CFO Finance and Decision Support with the Ministry of Health, and Deborah is now “retired” from the Executive Director position at a local not-for-profit.

Almost all of the furnishings in the 81 year old building at 1845 Renfrew have been in the family for decades, some for almost 100 years. Two of the tables were family dining tables, and Deb and Daryl hope that patrons enjoy their time around those tables as much as they have.

The photos on the walls are of family members. Deborah’s father’s family (Parkin) have been on Vancouver Island for many generations; she feels like she’s related to almost every long-term Island family who settled from Campbell River to Victoria. Daryl is originally from Snowflake, Manitoba, population 2: his parents. A typical farm community that peaked at pop. 55 in the 60’s and 70’s, lost the rail, and families moved away (well, everyone but the Conner’s). Deb and Daryl have 5 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Our Chef and Manager, Dave Bush

Ashley is our server.

To share expressive, joyful creativity and honour for the earth and all beings through the delivery of exceptional, unique and alternative food products which celebrate and inspire the alimento-lento (slow food) movement. Our desire is to inspire each of our patrons to live ‘in the moment’.

We believe that quality products and services can only be produced by service-centred individuals, whose level of responsibility, punctuality, honesty, integrity, patience, loyalty, compassion and kindness are reflected in the choices they make each and every moment of every day, regardless of where they are and what they are doing. We value respect, peace, harmony and team.

To inspire patrons to live ‘in the moment’; to develop Gather to be the top of mind innovator of exceptional, unique and alternative food experiences.

Gather Hours (Effective August 1, 2014):

Thursday to Saturday ~ noon - closing

Sunday Brunch 10 am - 8 pm